What We Do

as Carpat Africa Tours

We grow an ever-expanding African footprint

We have established an African footprint throughout East and Central Africa, with clearly defined and synchronised products and services. This ensures consistency in terms of work processes and standards in reservation departments and on-the-ground support.

We deliver and how do we make it happen

  • Our people are the vehicle through which we deliver our promise.
  • From a Travel Consultant to a Tour Guide, we are an intensely personal, highly motivated and passionate team of skilled individuals who understand the industry we work in and are committed to exceed customers’ expectations at all times.
  • Although our footprint is across East Africa and Central Africa, the tracks in each region belong to local shoes; our travel consultants live in the destination and have in depth knowledge and valuable insight into little-known tour and safari destinations.
  • All travel experiences are tailor-made based on our own experience and client feedback and are thoroughly tested to showcase our own exacting standards.
  • Accommodation, transport and activities are chosen in response to the clients specific requirements, be it comfort, availability, time, ease of access or budget, in prime locations with extensive sightseeing opportunities.
  • Our operational strength means that we co-ordinate and manage all aspects of an itinerary or project on your behalf.
  • We offer a 24/7 meet and greet service, which ensures your peace of mind from arrival to departure.
  • We offer a 24/7 emergency duty phone, which means that your immediate travel needs are taken care of quickly and efficiently.
  • We offer a 24/7 breakdown/backup service on all guided tours with emergency medical evacuation cover.

We practice responsible tourism

  • We walk the talk when it comes to protecting the environment and uplifting communities.
  • We appreciate that we are part of a larger community and that we have a responsibility towards our natural as well as social environments. Our varied programs are aimed at fulfilling our corporate responsibility in trying to support the balance between the environment, sustainability and conservation, community involvement, sport, skills sharing and profit.
  • Social responsibility to our community is delivered through sustainable practices, preferential support and financial contributions.

Your security in a changing world

The evolution of online space means that flexibility is essential. We have developed a business that is highly adaptable and solution-driven, regardless of fluctuations in the economic climate. These solutions are being rolled out to the individual brands in different destinations.